The Bad Lounge Haiku of Polarbeast
Our beloved visitors also delve deeply
into their inability to create haiku
to please the soul. We invite you
to share in our misery, with the
occasional comment from our
Iron Chef of Poetry.
Gonghei Fat Choy!

Submitted by Black Shag, "in a quick, off-the-cuff effort":
                      My soul is stifled,
                      The Worm's Way awaits me,
                      Drear, darkly dismal.
Submitted by Black Shag, in regards to goth being fun in an Eeyore kind of way:
                              I thirst for thistles:
                              My field empty entire of

Have a haiku which burns your soul, whether its theme be lounge, goth or sci-fi? By all means your tired, your poor, your huddled 5-7-5 syllabic rhythms yearning to be displayed.

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The Bad Lounge Haiku of Polarbeast
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