The Bad Lounge Haiku of Polarbeast
Welcome to Polarbeast's meager collection of
poorly composed minimalist lounge poetry,
created during times of relaxation and
ennui. Enjoy the following fabulous
tidbits of wisdom and inspiration,
each haiku commented upon by the
Great and Wise Poetry-Mastah
Gonghei Fat Choy, who is
ancient and has much
wise cult-chah!
Gonghei Fat Choy!

                                   A hassle this day,
                                   for my martini went warm.
                                   I dropped my olive.
Capturing the feel of a woeful time, yet maintaining
an air of wisdom during this most cursed of days.

                                                                  Bongos racing madly -
                                                                       notes of Yma Sumac
                                                                       gently thrill my ears.
The eternal gentle songs of birds compares
favorably to a quick and strong heartbeat.

                 My fabulous car,
                 So green, with chrome and great fins,
                 Six brake lights flare bright.
An instant in time frozen. Feeling the impending
rush of life and energy arriving at a sudden halt.

                               When the moon hits your eye
                               like a big pizza pie,
                                    that's amore.
Verses carefully sown from an ancient master.

                                                      Two ounces gin,
                                                      vermouth just so,
                                                      Add an extra-large olive and stir.
How sweet it is, to discover one of the
great and mighty secrets of our existence.

             I spent all Sunday
             trying to learn the bongos -
                 My hands have blisters.
A modest illustration of forthright effort and sacrifice.
Does the author succeed? We do not know. Perhaps not.

                                                  A bachelor's pad -
                                                        Ice clinking in glasses drowned
                                                        out by the Hi Fi.
Gentle visions of life, liberty and a pursuit of joy.
Perhaps we should leave these two alone.

                                                                        A lesson in style:
                                                                        A hat's not a hat
                                                                        until it's tilted.
Truly the gods of fashion rest in such as Frank and Dino.

Have a haiku which burns your soul, whether its theme be lounge, goth or sci-fi? By all means your tired, your poor, your huddled 5-7-5 syllabic rhythms yearning to be displayed.

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