The Bad Sci Faiku of Polarbeast
Welcome to Polarbeast's meager collection of
poorly composed minimalist sci faiku,
created during long periods of time
in the cryo-bunk. Enjoy the following
tidbits of wisdom and inspiration,
each sci faiku commented upon by the
Great Galactic Poetry-Mastah
Tus Kenrei Dyr, who is
ancient and has much
scientific culture!
Tus Kenrei Dyr!

                                   Precious air slips through
                                   the crack in my helmet
                                   as I wish for some tape.
Impending woe mixed with a feeling of quiet resignation.

                                                                  Great war machine arrives,
                                                                  cold and deadly -
                                                                  I step on it, unknowing.
A tragic and ominous premise gives way
to a gratifying realization of scale.

                 Colony's food ran out days ago
                         Soon we must turn on each other.
The foreshadowing of a terrifying truth becomes evident.

                                                  The kitchen knife slipped
                                                  and severed my thumb,
                                                  Now I must grow another.
The alarming accident during this everyday
activity is shown to be but an annoyance.

                                                      Going into Toshi Station
                                                      to pick up some power converters
A youthful ambition of wasting time with
friends, yet will the chores be done?

              Bored on a warm Sunday -
                   Guess I'll plug myself
                   back into the console
At the least there is something to do.

                                         Ships move between suns
                                         enacting a silent game
                                         of Marco Polo.
Navigating with eyes shut tightly in
the swimming pool of the universe.

           Primitive man stands
           in a monolith's shadow,
           shrieking at its form.

           Visions of himself
           using his tool of bone and
           killing a tapir.
One wonders: was a sudden moment of clarity triggered
by ancient, unseen hands? Thus spake Zarathustra.

Have a haiku which burns your soul, whether its theme be lounge, goth or sci-fi? By all means your tired, your poor, your huddled 5-7-5 syllabic rhythms yearning to be displayed.

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