Welcome, estranged mortal, to the home of the Gothic Compass. Wonder in amazement and apathy at its secrets as you discover what kind of Goth you are, be it Industrial or Romantic, Death Rocker or Classical, Perky or Mopey or Emo with a very bad disguise.

"How does it work?" I hear you say. Well basically, all you need to do is tick a number of questions and our Mopey-Perky/Romantic-Industrial compass will indicate how much of each category you are. Simple! If you're lucky it will also tell you how you score on several bonus categories.

So, then, in order to answer the burning questions in your darkened, tormented heart, let the Gothic Compass give you the answer your long-suffering soul demands. And if you disagree with its judgment, you are a poseur and were just looking for something impressive to put on your Facebook Wall anyway.

Ready? No? Tough!