The Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator

Whilst wandering your dark and tormented way across the untamed Internet wilderness, doubtlessly you've encountered your share of equally dark and tormented collections of poetry by gothic souls, displaying their tattered vulnerabilities for all to read. Some of them are crushed velvet revelations of genius filtered from a truly gothic mind, while others are little more than midden heaps of digital fishnetted schlock.

Have you ever wondered through what tortures and traumas these martyred wordsmiths must have gone to create such elegant outpourings of anguish? Worried that you must suffer the same to spark your own hellishly creative inferno?

Do not fear, eager traveler. You can preserve your secretly perky ways and yet produce a darkly gothic piece of poetry that rivals the best of the arm-flailing, torso-contorting tributes to the Muses Melpomene and Calliope.

The Goth-O-MaticTM can help you build your own shadowed and unearthly opus. It's easy to convey your own emotional abyss with this insidious wonder, expressing the dark and tormented path on which you tread. Display those inner fears and revelations that no one truly comprehends. Bitch in a depressing way about the lover who dumped you because you're depressing. Impress others with your ethereal thoughts!