Congratulations! You've created your very own Darkly Gothic Poem! Just cut and paste your emotionally rent composition into your site, and savor the envious droolings of your noncreative poseur compatriots!

Would you like to create another poem? The Goth-O-MaticTM awaits your fevered imagination:

The Department for Deathly Creative Arts here at the Dead Lounge is always eager to embrace new ideas. Have a Darkly Gothic work of your own? Want to throw one at us? Know of a website stuffed to the eyeliner with bad, er, morbidly expressive compositions? Let us know... or visit the Facebookian Lair to meet like-minded darkly gothic denizens.

The Host of the Dead Lounge wishes to express humble gratitude to these co-conspirators:

Tim Clark, aka Inquisitor of Hellishly Poetic Expression, for whelping this frothing hell hound of an idea along with me, and for the creation of several of the unbalanced works within;

Ron E. Armstrong, aka Journeyman of the Darkest Programming Circle, for hammering out the initial working version of the Javascript worming its way through this menace to art and literacy. It will only crash your system if your computer becomes depressed.